​What's up with the weather this year?

The first day of spring brought a snowstorm to much of the Northeast -- and it's got people asking the question, WHITHER THE WEATHER? Mo Rocca has been talking to the experts:

When Dr. Louis Uccellini talks about the weather, people listen. As director of the National Weather Service, you could say he forecasts for all of America's forecasters.

And America provides plenty of material.

"This country experiences the most severe weather and the [greatest] range of severe weather in the world," he told Rocca. "We experience tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, blizzards. We have fire weather conditions affecting a large population base."

Why has this winter been so tough?

This past February weather was the top story on all three nightly network newscasts. No surprise, since this winter was the worst ever ... right?

"Oh, by far, I mean, not even close," said meteorologist Eric Fisher, who hails from CBS Station WBZ in Boston. "There's no one alive who has seen so much snow in such a short amount of time.

"The interesting thing is, in December we were thinking there wasn't even going to be a winter. We were running in shorts and T-shirts around Christmastime. And then things changed very dramatically for us."

Craig Setzer forecasts for WFOR in Miami. What does HE have to complain about?

"Nothing. Nothing at all!" Setzer said. "We had two days in February where we had winter and temperatures struggled to get into the 60s. Outside of that, it's been 70s and 80s for highs."

Meteorologists Matt Brickman of WCCO Minneapolis; Craig Setzer of WFOR Miami; and Eric Fisher of WBZ Boston. CBS News

And for Matt Brickman, meteorologist for WCCO in Minneapolis -- which is supposed to be cold -- this has been a pretty weak winter, by Minnesota standards. "January was fine. We had about a month of cold. We've been spoiled."

Yes, Boston may have had record snowfall and near-record cold this winter, but collectively the lower 48 states are on track to have the 19th warmest winter on record.

Rocca said, "If you live in the Northeast, you would think the winter everywhere was terrible."