What's the Breakdown of Searches Online?

Google Race Car image by michaelmcd [cc, 2.0]You may already know that Google is victorious in the search engine dominance war with 64% of the market share. Yahoo follows behind with 22%. What you may not know though, is which industry is the most often searched online. HitWise has our answer -- nearly half (44%) of the visitors to Health and Medical sites come from a search engine query.

Following closely behind is Travel (32.5%), Shopping and Classifieds (25.5%), News and Media (20.9%), Entertainment (20.8%), and Business & Finance (17%). Despite the fact that Business & Finance is the runt of the pack, it nevertheless represents the fastest growing category in search engine traffic; year over year traffic in this category grew a whopping 30.6%, while Health & Medical (the top-searched category) grew a paltry 5.8%.

Google Race Car image by michaelmcd [cc, 2.0]