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What's Next for the Markets?

With the numbers on your brokerage statement actually getting larger for a change, you may be wondering if the market's 45 percent rally off its March lows is just a head fake before more pain. Or have stocks really turned a corner? For insight, we turned to three veteran market observers — an economist, a money manager, and a market strategist — with a history of making prescient calls.

Not surprisingly, they are not in complete agreement; after all, someone has to take the other side of the trade. Each sees pockets of opportunity in different places. But there are common themes: Despite varying degrees of concern about the short term, they all agree patient investors will be rewarded in the long term. But even Paulsen, the most bullish of the three, concedes that there will be "scary sell-offs" — so, as Winters suggests, you should have cash on hand so you can be a buyer when others are sellers. Our bloggers Jill Schlesinger, Charles Farrell, Conrad deAenlle, Nathan Hale and Larry Swedroe also weighed in with their views on our experts' predictions.

Click on the links below for their insights into the roller coaster market.

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