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What's in a Ph.D. These Days?

Dissertation image by cowlet [cc, 2.0]A recent report from New York and cited in the AP says that the U.S. is producing far too many doctoral grads; and the education they're receiving is taught by more and more adjunct professors -- who now comprise about half of the college and university teaching force. Yet the college grads continue to flock to schools en-masse. The latest data from the government shows a 5.1 percent increase in awarded Ph.D.s from 2005-2006, which tied to become the highest increase in doctoral degrees since 1971.

Still others may say, "It's the economy, stupid." Young professionals flock to school especially in times of recession. Is the latest scramble towards academia a foreboding of the economy? And will future jobs be there for this mass of new educated grads? Only time will tell.

Dissertation image by cowlet [cc, 2.0]