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What would a luxury handbag cost without the markup?

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Oliver Cabell, a travel and leather goods designer brand, wants to bring cost transparency to the luxury bag market.

"The luxury space is broken," Scott Gabrielson, founder of Oliver Cabell, told Glossy. "Designer brands are succumbing to the fast fashion movement, and a handful of conglomerates control the industry."

A handful of conglomerates are selling handbags marked up by as much as 20 times what they cost to make, with Oliver Cabell this summer planning to sell bags for about $200 to $300 that would typically retail for $900 to $1,800, according to Glossy.

The brand's website declares that it is "setting out to change" a scenario where designer fashion sells for 12 times the cost to make, comparing what it calls the "honest" retail price ($200) to the "actual" retail price ($970).


Oliver Cabell joins an increasing count of fashion startups and brands showing shoppers the costs of labor, materials and logistics that go into products. Others include Honest by, an apparel and shoe company that touts itself as the first "100 percent transparent company" and clothing retailer Everlane, an online shop.

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