What to Watch in 2008

Our friends at PRWeek have jumped in with a spread on who and what to watch in the corporate PR and agency world in 2008. Here's are highlights:
  • The Dell/WPP partnership to form a dedicated communications company to serve Dell's needs. PRWeek expresses concern that expectations are very high, especially the initial target of staffing the agency with 1,000 people by the end of March [get those resumes in!]
  • Taylor: formerly Alan Taylor Communications, the New York-based PR firm shortened its name, culled its client list and refocused to serve clients exclusively in consumer, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Gutsy move.
  • Burson-Marsteller: BM's CEO is none other than Mark Penn, Hillary's chief communications strategist. Can he run a global PR firm and advise her at the same time?
  • Levick Strategic Communications: DC-based firm advises clients like Dubai, which has been buying up U.S. assets on the cheap lately.
  • A&R Edelman: My alma mater, Edelman, was never able to figure out the tech PR sector. So a couple of years ago they bought into the space, acquiring A&R Partners. PRWeek says the firm may be "hitting a good stride" going into 2008.
  • Facebook: Facebook has grown to be the go-to social networking site. It was the darling of 2007 and seems to have a lot of 'mo going into 2008. But, says PRWeek: "In the fickle world of Web 2.0, however, anything is possible."
  • Chrysler: Went private in 2007 and promptly reduced the role of the communications department. (See this post below). They're peddling a turnaround story for 2008 -- will it come true?
Got other companies or agencies you're watching? Let us know by posting a comment!