What If Management Books Told the Truth?

Most management books are full of pablum, fads, and useless ...anecdotes. But what if they told the real truth?

This post provides a vision of what the 2012 management book lineup might look, were this the case.

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  • Description: This sequel to the classic "Guerrilla Marketing" reflects 21st century thinking, where large firms, with the assistance of big government, adopt a take-no-prisoners approach to eliminate competitive threats from smaller firms.
  • Reviews: "Why can't you ever find an 'oxygen destroyer bomb' when you need it?" -- Small Business Review
  • Hardback: 2,933 scales

  • Description: A wealth of suggestions, tips and techniques for up-and-coming executives who aren't afraid to do what's necessary on their way up the corporate ladder.
  • Reviews: "My editor, the most brilliant man on the planet, asked me to review this book" -- Sycophancy Today
  • Paperback: 120 pages

  • Description: This follow-on to the award-winning "Built to Last" helps managers set priorities as they create companies that will please investors. Additional chapters explain how to manipulate government regulation through the selective purchase of Republican legislatures.
  • Review: "Straight talk that should be required reading for every CEO." -- Wall Street Journal
  • Paperback: 180 pages

  • Description: In this reworking of the bestseller "Good to Great", readers learn that making the transition from bad to worse doesn't require a high-profile CEO, the latest technology, innovative change management, or even a business strategy. All that's needed is a blind faith in business books and management fads.
  • Review: "Features the exact same companies as the original, such as Fannie Mae." -- American Journal of Irony
  • Paperback: 220 Pages

  • Description: The noted real estate mogul and television star reveals that there is, in fact, a squirrel living under his comb-over.
  • Reviews: "Yet more proof that rodents stick together." -- Nature
  • Paperback: 175 pages

  • Description: World's most famous business school professor explains how to become a narcissistic psychopath in order to fully develop your career as top executive.
  • Reviews: "Go back to work, you hopeless losers!" -- Chamber of Commerce Weekly
  • Hardback: 340 pages

  • Description: Severance packages and government regulations make firings and layoffs prohibitively expensive. From the pages of history comes a creative way to rightsize your company while simultaneously letting your competitors and employees alike know that you really mean business!
  • Review: "The perfect book for all corporate stakeholders." -- The Economist
  • Hardback: 250 pages

  • Description: An experienced Fortune 100 CEO distills Hammer and Champy's "Reengineering the Corporation" to its essence, which is that no organization is so efficient that it can't be improved by firing as many people as possible.
  • Review: "I would have written a review but the new owner fired the staff writers." -- The Akron Beacon Journal
  • Hardback: 120 Pages

  • Description: The extension to the huge bestseller "Jesus CEO, this book points out that 30 pieces of silver, adjusted for inflation and with compound interest, is now worth approximately $12 trillion.
  • Review: "The first book to raise backstabbing to a high art form." -- Businessweek
  • Hardback: 273 verses

  • Description: The latest of Jack Welch's award-winning books explains exactly how to extract million of dollars in fancy corporate perks by constantly grousing about how hard you're working.
  • Reviews: "The perfect gift for the narcissistic CEO." -- Financial Times
  • Hardback: 300 pages
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