What Bill Moyers Got Wrong


One of our favorite White House Correspondents, Mark Knoller, has filed his thoughts on Bill Moyers' controversial documentary on the press and the Iraq war.

Knoller is not impressed:

To hear Bill Moyers tell it last evening on his PBS program "Buying The War," the White House press corps was a willing participant in its own deception about the President's case for war in Iraq.

He portrays us as easily-manipulated stooges on bended-knee to the President and his top aides.

Now, I'm the first to concede there are plenty of good reasons to criticize the White House Press. We're an irascible and unlikable bunch. I'm one of us and I don't like us very much. But the point made by Bill Moyers at the start of his program last night is just off base.

Check out Public Eye to find out why Knoller thinks Moyers was off base. And let the games (and debate) begin.