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What Are Your "Rules of Thumb"?

This will be a short post, because I've been posting comparative lengthy stuff all week.

I was thinking about corporate politics and the rules of thumb that I've accumulated over the years, like:

  • "No corporate rumor is true until it's been denied."
  • "The more an executive talks about something, the less likely it is to happen."
  • "Corporate bureaucrats, like flying insects, are attracted to heat and light."
And then I got to thinking about some of the other rules of thumb, I've developed to better understand what goes on in my life, like:
  • "When God closes a door, he throws you through the window."
  • "Everything happens for a reason; sometimes it's a stupid reason."
  • "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think."
Anyway, I'm wondering what "rules of thumb" you guys use in your work and life. Stuff that comes to mind as you negotiate the channels and shoals of being a well-rounded person. So here goes...

READERS: Got any good "rules of thumb" that you'd like to share?

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