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Wells Fargo accused of endangering family in victim protection

MINNEAPOLIS - A Minnesota family in a victim protection program is suing Wells Fargo and one of its mortgage bankers, alleging the bank sent mail to what was supposed to be a secret location.

The lawsuit also alleges the family received mail from outside vendors, a sign that the bank sold its information. The family's attorney says once outside vendors have someone's name and address, the information may be accessible to anyone.

The Star Tribune reports the family is in victim protection because of death threats from a neighbor who had sexually assaulted a family member. The bank's mailings began showing up after the family applied for a mortgage in 2016.

The suit alleges that the mother tried for more than five months to halt the mailings and that Wells Fargo admitted to the breach last year, according to the paper. The mother and her daughter, now 20, were placed in a state-sponsored protection program after the neighbor allegedly threatened to kill them to prevent them from testifying.

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The complaint accuses Wells Fargo of negligence, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress, among other charges, and is seeking compensation of at least $50,000, 

A Wells Fargo spokesman said the bank was aware of the complaint and couldn't comment further.

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