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Weird Al Yankovic lampoons Lady Gaga in "Perform This Way"

(CBS) If there is anyone that can outdo Lady Gaga in her over-the-topness game, it has to be Weird Al Yankovic.

The pop-music parodist held nothing back while doing his best Gaga imitations in his music video for "Perform This Way" - an amusing send-up of her hit single "Born This Way."

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In the video, Yankovic dons a blonde wig, emerges from an egg (like the one that Gaga came out of at this year's Grammy Awards), pokes fun at the original song's Madonna comparisons, and wears a series of over-the-top forms of Gaga outfits, including her infamous bubble getup and the meat dress. she wore to last year's MTV Video Music Awards

He sings: "I strap prime rib to my feet / Cover myself with raw meat / I'll bet you've never seen a skirt steak worn this way." 

Yankovic, who was first prohibited from releasing the song by Gaga's management team, parodies a handful of other singers on his new album, "Apocalypse," including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and the White Stripes. 

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