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WeFi for Android Brings Wi-Fi Finder to Your Google Phone

I-fi, you-fi, we all fi! Sorry, but putting "WeFi" and "Wi-Fi" in the same headline made me a little crazy. And so does this: The WeFi Wi-Fi finder app is now available for the Android operating system. Translation: Google-phone users (both of them) can find hotspots right on their handsets.

WeFi is kind of like the Facebook of Wi-Fi, putting a social-networking spin on locating free hotspots. The app not only finds the closest, strongest one, but also connects your phone automatically.

To get WeFi for Android, just enter your phone number on the WeFi site and you'll get an SMS containing a link. Or you can scan the site's barcode image with your phone to download the app straight from the Android Market. (Gotta admit, that's kinda cool.)

I don't currently have an Android-powered phone (and, seriously, does anybody?), so I can't test the app. But if it's anything like the Windows Mobile version of WeFi, it's sure to be an asset. [via jkOnTheRun]

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