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Week in Oil & Gas: Feds Flex Regulatory Muscle and the Opposition Takes Root

Regulatory proposals from the Environmental Protection Agency have been eking out of its federal doors since 2009. And 2010 is shaping up to be no different. The year kicked off with a flurry of government regulatory announcements -- along with the requisite push back from industry groups.

Now some state regulators have joined in the chorus of naysayers worried about proposed rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Oil, gas and coal have long opposed the EPA's greenhouse gas emissions endangerment finding and the proposed rules to regulate them. Some legislators including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, have stepped up efforts to curb the agency's power. The opposition from states has added to the pressure against the EPA.

A growing number of states, including clean energy-focused California, are worried proposed federal rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will overwhelm them with paperwork and undermine their own efforts to fight climate change. It should be noted, however, most states still support the EPA's proposed rules. Their concerns stem primarily from how quickly these rules will be rolled out and have asked the Obama administration to take a "go slow" approach.

Here's a roundup of recent EPA and Interior Department regulatory announcements:

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