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Web Media Blitz for Missing Utah Mom

Utah mom Susan Powell was last seen alive 29 days ago.

Now, her friends and family are launching a three-day Web media blitz in an effort to bring her home.

Kiirsi Hellewell, a friend of Susan Powell, said on "The Early Show" Monday she hopes millions of people will see Susan's name and picture online and come forward with information.

Hellewell said the idea is to canvas the Internet through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, podcasts, e-mail and YouTube, among other outlets, to find Susan.

Susan Powell Missing Posters
Find Susan Twitter Page
Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook Page
Help Find Susan on YouTube
Susan Powell Official YouTube Channel

James Hofheins, one of the campaign organizers, has said there will also be a purple ribbon campaign, and Facebook users are being asked to change their profile pictures to a purple ribbon.

Susan's disappearance, Hellewell said, was against Susan's will.

"She would never have left her family," Hellewell said. "It's very scary. It's something we're constantly worried about and afraid about. And we're just trying to hold out hope that she's still alive."

Police have named Susan's husband, Josh Powell, the sole "person of interest" in her disappearance.

Shelby Gifford, Susan's family spokesperson, told reporters, "The fact that Joshua has been named a person of interest in this case deeply saddens the family, but it is not a surprise given the events and his reactions to them."

Hellewell said she's spoken with Josh Powell several times since Susan vanished.

"His story is very, very strange," she said. "I think that everybody agrees that it's a very strange story, and nobody can understand it."

Josh Powell told the media early in the search, "She's somewhere."

Josh Powell claims Susan was home and alive when he took their young sons camping late at night in sub-freezing temperatures.

Josh Powell told reporters he and his sons "got a pretty late start," saying they left the house later than 9 p.m.

Police say he's hasn't been uncooperating with their probe

On "The Early Show," Hellewell said police haven't told family and friends details of the investigation.

She said, "It's really hard to sit everyday and wait and hope for news -- and not hear anything -- but I have faith and confidence in them that they're doing a very good job, and that they will be able to bring her home."

Susan's father, Chuck Cox, did get to see his grandsons for Christmas. However, Cox said he felt an "emptiness" this holiday without Susan.

Hellewell said the Susan's one- and four-year-old sons seemed "pretty normal" this Christmas.

She said, "They seemed happy. They liked to sit on my lap and color and they seemed to be doing OK."

However, Susan's close friends spent the holiday season praying and passing out flyers. And with the New Year, they're launching their Web effort to get her name back in the public eyue.

Hellewell said, "She's kind, loving, she has two little boys who need their mom and her family is heartbroken. They need her back. We need everybody's help."

E-mail The Friends and Family of Susan Powell to learn how you can help.

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