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Wear An Ugly Sweater, Build a Team

2136767869_2150ef98d4_m.jpgI got a chuckle out of Laurie Ruettimann's recent post on Punk Rock HR about the bonding potential of ugly holiday sweaters.

She suggests that celebrating these shameful sartorial choices in an ugly sweater party can bring an office together better than any team-building event.

In my book, that thinking is pure gold. Because what's a better shared bond than humor? And the snickering that your team can do when presented with a cornucopia of tackiness would indeed be jolly.

To borrow from MasterCard's marketing genius:

Purchase of ugly sweater of your own: $40

Food and drink for your team: $100

An unmatched holiday team-bonding experience: priceless.

(image courtesy Sellwood Street via Flickr, CC 2.0)

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