We Made It!

We made it.

Independence, MO. The birthplace of Harry Truman. The buck stops here, and so do our cars.

We're outside the city's courthouse (thankfully not in it, considering the occasional parking or speeding ticket), preparing for this evening's broadcast, where Nancy and I will wrap up the trip from Main Street.

We've gone a combined total of 3,517 miles in the last five days. The cars have taken a pounding, and so have our bodies. None of us have exercised in a week, we've eaten way too much junk food, and gotten way too little sleep.

But there's not much I'd do over. Our team enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime drive, from the ocean to the mountains to the prairies, and met an extraordinary range of people, all of whom are dealing with sky-high rise gas prices in different ways.

Check out our blog postings as well as Early Show and Evening News pieces from the past week and let us know which stories meant the most to you!

  • Jeff Glor

    Jeff Glor was named anchor of the Sunday edition of the "CBS Evening News" in January 2012 and Special Correspondent for "CBS This Morning" in November 2011.