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Watch the new trailer for "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2

"Star Trek: Discovery" dropped a new trailer for Season 2 on Thursday, and fans will get to see more of Spock. Ethan Peck joins Season 2 to play a young Spock, who is disgraced Starfleet officer Michael Burnham's half-brother.

The new trailer focuses on the U.S.S. Discovery's struggle against a dangerous villain called the "Red Angel." A young bearded Spock — who still has the same eyebrows and ears — warns them that he had a vision of an apocalypse, and someone is working to end all sentient life in the galaxy.

Ethan Peck as a young Spock.  CBS

Captain Christopher Pike explains that the seven mysterious red bursts the crew sees are signs that "typically follow the arrival of a being we call the Red Angel."

Captain Philippa Georgiou, who's now a member of a clandestine United Federation of Planets outfit, is also looking into the Red Angel.

Wilson Cruz, the actor who plays Dr. Hugh Culber, revealed that he will return to the show, though he was killed off last season. Back in January, showrunner Aaron Harberts said the plan to kill Hugh was always in the works, but added, cryptically, that this was meant to be the "first chapter in their story."

"We thought it was going to take a little while for the audience to bond with them, get to know the characters. We didn't realize how this couple was going to resonate with audience, and they bonded so so quickly," he said on CBSN. "Our intention was to really start their story with what happens [on this episode]."

In August, CBS announced that Patrick Stewart will reprise his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard in a new "Star Trek" series. It will be streamed on CBS All Access. The still-unnamed series will explore the "next chapter" of Picard's life.

"Star Trek: Discovery" returns to CBS All Access on Jan. 17, 2019. Watch the trailer for Season 2 below. 

Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 | Official Trailer by CBS All Access on YouTube
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