Watch: "Rogue wave" tops sand berm in Md.

(CBS News) OCEAN CITY, Md. - Even before Hurricane Sandy makes official landfall along the East Coast of the United States, the storm has shown glimpses of its massive strength.

Shortly after filing a report for "CBS This Morning" from Ocean City, Md., a CBS News crew captured a huge wave roar past a sand berm and flood its camera position.

"I was here last year for Hurricane Irene and that was a walk in the park compared to this. Shortly after I did that live shot with you in the last half hour we were starting to get a little nervous thinking maybe we should move to higher ground so my camera crew went looking for another location and that's when this happened," correspondent Chip Reid told Charlie Rose via telephone, referencing what he described as a "rogue wave."

Hurricane Sandy gains strength, speed on East Coast path

"That berm's about six or eight feet [high]and the waves were only touching the berm on the other side and that wave just came roaring over and it just reminds you that ... whatever respect you need to give to a hurricane, give a little bit more. ... What really scares me about this one is that I think it's going to be very rough here in Ocean City but when it combines with those other two storms after it makes that [westward] turn, that is really scary."

As the storm has approached, experts have warned that the greatest "destruction potential" will come from storm surge, not from the heavy rains or high winds.

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