'Washington Unplugged' Unleashed

Washington Unplugged
CBSNews.com will debuts a new, Web-only show, "Washington Unplugged," moderated by Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer.
The hard-hitting, politics-centered show will appear every Friday and showcase CBS News' brightest commentators and correspondents. The fifteen-minute program will feature straight talk from a newsmaker, a discussion of the week in politics, and in depth analysis of issues affecting the new administration.

The show, airing on CBSNews.com and Politico.com, will include weekly roundtable interviews, Web original pieces and thoughtful, provocative, commentary.

"We'll focus on the news but will try to make it lively and entertaining," Schieffer explained. "And we will aim to get at some of the things that tell you how Washington really works -- some of the things that don't always make it into our broadcasts."

We hope "Washington Unplugged" will get out ahead on the week's news before the Sunday talk shows.

To check it out, tune in at 2 p.m. ET on Fridays. Click below to watch the first webcast: