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Warning Sounded On Darfur

(AP Photo)
While the nation's attention is occupied with the Mark Foley scandal and the upcoming midterm elections, let's not forget there are other things happening in the world. Yes, the war in Iraq gets scant attention these days but at least the subject is danced around from time to time, unlike horrifying violence elsewhere. Still, it's worth noting a warning that is being sounded by one journalist about a situation that may be getting worse in Darfur. Journalist Paul Salopek who spent over a month in captivity after being accused by Sudanese authorities of attempting to enter the Darfur region without a visa, provides an account of his experience in the Chicago Tribune. Salopek believes his capture was a message to journalists everywhere:
The government in Khartoum charged us with espionage, spreading "false news" and entering Africa's latest killing field without a visa.

It was hard not to feel, however, that our real crime was unspoken: reporting on a humanitarian catastrophe that is largely invisible to the outside world, and that is poised to grow worse in the weeks ahead.

Will anyone notice?
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