War in Syria and battles at home with McCain, Reed

A photo posted of Senator John McCain by an SETF organizer, Mouaz Mustafa inside Free Syria, May 27, 2013.

CBS News--Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gave what The New York Times called his "bleakest assessment yet of the hostilities" in Syria on Sunday's "Face the Nation." McCain made a surprise visit to the country late last week to meet with rebel leaders, and he told host Bob Schieffer that in the country now embattled President Bashar al Assad "now has the upper hand." The HillThe GuardianThe Telegraph, and Business Standard all headlined their stories with McCain's "upper hand" remark.

CBS News: McCain: Assad has "upper hand" in Syrian civil war

McCain explained Assad has gotten the upper hand thanks to an infusion of fighters and weapons from outside the country, from groups like Hezbollah. The Washington Post looks at which groups are aiding Assad the most, and dives into McCain's assessment that "Hezbollah has now invaded. The Iranians are there. Russia is pouring weapons in."

To take away Assad's advantage, McCain suggested the U.S. help establish a no-fly zone. Read how he thinks that should be done in Politico. McCain insisted the Israelis have shown the Syrians can be hit from a distance, so no U.S. manned aircraft would have to fly over Syria. Newsmax and Politico delve into his proposal.

Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., disagreed, doubting that a no-fly zone would deter Assad. While Reed agreed that Assad's forces have "regrouped," he insisted the conflict called for a "political solution." The Boston Globe examines the possibility of such a resolution, and The Hill looks at Reed's dismissal of the no-fly zone concept.

Both lawmakers looked at a fight brewing at home, too, over whether Attorney General Eric Holder should resign after apparent contradictions between his testimony to Congress and his actions regarding the investigation of a journalist who reported sensitive information.

McCain kept the pressure on Holder, saying that whether or not to resign was ultimately up to the attorney peneral, but "I think it would be tough for him to answer the question whether he can still effectively serve the President of the United States." The Washington Post summarizes the controversy. The New York Times looks at this controversy and McCain's statement, and puts it in the greater context of other scandals plaguing the White House and the Department of Justice right now.

The Washington TimesThe Washington PostPoliticoCNN, and The New York Daily News all look at what McCain said about Holder as well.

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"Face the Nation" also took a brief look at a real storm that's devastated Oklahoma and talked with Gov. Mary Fallin, R-Okla., about the recent tornadoes that ripped through her state. Read Bloomberg News to find out what kind of cleanup her state faces.