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Want lunch with Warren Buffett? Auction opens for bidding

Sunday Profile: Warren Buffett

The bidding for a private lunch with investor Warren Buffett begins at the relative bargain of $25,000, but by the end of the week the price is likely to top $2 million again.

As of Monday morning, the bid had reached $1.1 million. The winner will have lunch with Buffett at New York City's Smith & Wollensky, the auction site notes. 

The high price people are willing to pay for time with Buffett benefits the Glide Foundation, which helps the homeless in San Francisco.

Buffett has raised over $26 million for the Glide Foundation through these annual auctions over the past 18 years, which has only finished below $2 million once since 2010. All the proceeds go to benefit Glide, according to the auction page. 

Buffett's first wife, Susie introduced him to Glide after she volunteered there. She died in 2004, but the connection endured.

This year's eBay auction began Sunday evening and runs through 9:30 p.m. Central on Friday, June 1. The winner can invite up to seven friends.