Wake Up: 3D Is No Silver Bullet Strategy For Adobe, Sony, Other Companies

Last Updated Jul 29, 2010 11:18 PM EDT

Calling 3D technology a trend right now would be an understatement. Adobe (ADBE) just announced a "next-generation 3D API" coming this October, no doubt a shrewd move to one-up Apple (APPL) in its ongoing war. Meanwhile Sony (SNE) is investing heavy in its Bravia TVs, PlayStation 3s and other 3D-based media.

No one's going to see immediate success here, though it seems like the companies expect one. The problem here is that most 3D options are still too expensive, too limited or just too far-fetched to get the consumer to invest. The interest isn't much stronger worldwide, either. A recent survey in Japan, a country known for its tech aggressiveness, found that 70 percent of Japanese citizens had little interest in 3D.

Despite this, 3D is still being viewed as a panacea for sagging gadget sales, and the examples just over the past six months are numerous:

It's clear 3D will become a very profitable part of the media environment, but only by fitting within certain criteria:
The 3D rush is just beginning, but only intelligent strategizing will give companies a good return on their R&D investment.

Photo courtesy of 8one6