Waddell Summit Update, 9/28

534651Chris Waddell was the subject of a recent "CBS Evening News" story. He's attempting to become the first paraplegic to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. His latest blog was submitted Sept. 28, 2009.

Writing from 18-thousand feet on what promises to be a pretty chilly evening.

Left at 6am with a variety of expectations. Consensus had us staying at Hans-Meyer. That looked optimistic after our first adventure on the winch. The first quarter mile took about an hour and a half. Soon thereafter we moved to the boards and picked up the pace considerably. I decided to push on past Hans-Meyer at just past 12:30.

Some of the terrain that I rode on the boards absolutely amazed me. I had thoughts of sleeping in the crater. Then we started the push past Gilman's Point. As I rode the boards, my front wheels became light – something I thought I would only experience on slick rock.

As I covered the last 50 yards in at least a half hour, I had the vague thought that this must be what it is like to drown within reach of shore.

The day's end mocked me as I attempted to reach it in two to four foot increments.

Bob, Nate and I are snuggled into our tent 18-thousand feet.

The line of sun long departed up and the temperature is dropping, the wind rising and we are optimistic for a summit push tomorrow.
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