Vladimir Krull, ex-NYPD sergeant, gets 3 years for raping girl, 13

Vladimir Krull

Bronx DA

Last Updated Mar 15, 2017 11:45 AM EDT

NEW YORK - A former New York City police sergeant convicted of raping and sexually abusing his then-girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter will serve three years in prison, reports The New York Times.

Prosecutors said Vladimir Krull’s abuse of the girl started in September 2013, when he kissed her on the mouth. A jury determined he had sexual intercourse with her on two separate occasions in the following months, and in a third incident in June 2014, “directed the teen to perform oral sex on him in his vehicle after a Father/Daughter breakfast for her eighth grade class,” according to a statement released by Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark.

“The defendant horrifically abused the trust of this family and engaged in sexual acts with a child,” Clark said in the statement.

Krull was convicted in January. The jury deliberated for five days after a four-week trial. Krull was fired from the police force. 

The victim and her mother spoke at an emotional sentencing hearing Monday, reports the Times. The victim, now 16, said she used to feel she had endless options, but now feels limited.

“The abuse has also been hard on my relationship with my mom,” she said, crying. “I still struggle with the feeling that I betrayed her, and I feel guilty sometimes.”

The victim’s mother said she lost trust in everyone, “especially myself.”

The Bronx District Attorney’s office had argued Krull should serve three five-year sentences, for a total of 15 years. Krull’s lawyer, however, said the ex-sergeant “still maintains his innocence” and asked for a sentence that did not include jail time, adding that he intends to appeal, reports the paper.

Bronx Supreme Court justice Lester Adler sentenced Krull to serve four three-year sentences and four one-year sentences, to be served concurrently, followed by five years of supervised release, according to the Times.

Adler admonished Krull during the hearing.

“Mr. Krull, what in the world were you thinking?” the judge said. “Even if these acts were consensual, they can only be the product of a demented mind.”