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Videotaped Mall Abduction

The : a woman running, two men grabbing her and stuffing her into a car trunk, and then driving away.

Shoppers seemed to see it, too, but didn't intervene.

Police in the Los Angeles suburb of Corona are trying to determine the identities of the people involved in the Sunday evening incident.

Lt. Eddie Garcia, with the Corona police, said the grainy surveillance video was "very good, in the fact that you can visually see the vehicle pull up behind, and once she leaves that lighted area because it is dark at 6:00 is that you lose perception of what is going on at that point."

Videotape from a security camera shows the woman walking up to the mall sidewalk. A black Toyota Solara races up. The woman runs down a parking aisle. One man chases her down, carries her to the car and jams her in the trunk, which the other man has opened.

Meantime, shoppers have been watching and other cars have gone by.

Just after the abductors' car pulls away, a security guard shows up. But it's too late.

In the video, the woman starts running when she sees the car, which could indicate she knew her captors. Garcia said it does give "a perspective and a perception of the possibility it could have been a boyfriend. We have not confirmed that."

"The point is that it appears to us that she was trying to get away from the individuals so we cannot say whether or not she knew those individuals."