"She's going to kill someone": Video shows wrong-way driver barrel down freeway

Last Updated Jun 13, 2017 8:10 PM EDT

CHINO HILLS, Calif. -- A driver on a California freeway almost collided with a wrong-way driver in Chino Hills on Monday and it was caught on dashcam video, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Robin Sun says he always uses a dashcam in his car in case he gets into an accident, and this time it came in handy.

"It was the scariest moment ever in my life," Sun said.


Robin Sun

CBS Los Angeles

He was driving at about noon when he said he saw headlights coming at him in the HOV lane. Then he swerved into the next lane.

"I missed it by a second," said Sun, who described the driver as an older woman with a blank stare.

"My biggest worry was 'Oh my God, she's going to kill someone.'"

The California Highway Patrol said they got a lot of 911 calls about the driver and luckily there were no reports of any accidents.

Sun parlayed his luck and bought a lottery ticket on his way home.


"It was the scariest moment ever in my life," Robin Sun said.

Robin Sun via CBS Los Angeles