VIDEO: Unidentified woman crashes scooter into Calif. store window and then flees

(CBS) SACRAMENTO - A woman driving a scooter through the glass window of a store was caught on tape on Sunday afternoon in Sacramento at the Bonfare Market, CBS Sacramento reports. 

While the surveillance video was not crystal clear, a woman was on a vintage Vespa motor scooter that went straight through the front plate glass window that left the woman bleeding and dazed. 

Shabaz was working at the store when he says he heard an explosion, saw what happened, and then called the ambulance for the woman.

"The lady, she was bleeding from the mouth and everything, and tried and help her out with a napkin and stuff," said Shabaz.

The unidentified suspect took care of her injuries and then fled the store. She left her Vespa behind and took off through the parking lot before police arrive. Shabaz believes the woman lives close by. 

"She just ran away. She lives in an apartment complex arond here. " said Shabaz.

Police say they are still trying to identify the driver of that scooter.