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VIDEO: Toddler gets trapped in vending machine


(CBS) It's easy to lose track of your kids -- and sometimes they wind up in the strangest places.

That was the case for Tracey Sammut who was at a shopping center in Lake Haven, Australia, when she lost sight of her 3-year-old son Callum.

Where was he?

She found him seconds later -- in a vending machine.

Callum was trapped inside, stuffed animals piled all around him.

Speaking to local television media on Friday, Sammut said her first concern was about oxygen levels within the vending machine itself.

"How much air was in there, that was the first question I asked to the center management, 'can he survive?'" she said.

"We walked out saying, 'Callum, where are you?' and I could hear him saying, 'I am here, Mummy.' and I said 'Where?' 'I'm in here Mummy' and I said 'Where in here' and he popped his head out of the toy story chute," she added.

Australian rescue crews were called out to rescue him. They spent over an hour trying to free the young boy.

"They actually ended up wedging off with a crow bar, the bottom of the chute and he came back down," Tracey said.

Callum did not sustain any injuries but did give his mother a scare.

"I do think he has got a bit of contortionist in him but yeah, he keeps me on my toes, that's for sure," she said.

Since the incident, the toy vending machine Callum crawled into has been marked as 'Out of Service .'