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Video: Man who slapped Philly police officer gets beaten with a baton

(CBS) PHILADELPHIA -- Less than three weeks after a video of a Philadelphia police officer punching a woman in an unprovoked attack went viral on the internet, yet another video of police brutality in Philadelphia has surfaced. However in this latest video, the suspect hit the officer first, CBS Philly reports.

The incident occurred on September 29th during South Street's Oktoberfest, when the intoxicated suspect, John Scrivano, yelled at an officer and then slapped him on the side of his face. In response, the officer drew his baton and hit the man repeatedly; even after they both fell to the ground.

The officer's name have not been released but sources say that Internal Affairs is investigating the case because of the use of force.

Scrivano now faces assault charges and is due in court on Tuesday. His girlfriend says that he suffered a broken orbital bone as a result of the beating.

Authorities say that the officer is still working street duty.

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