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Video: How To Close a Cold Call

Over the past few weeks, we've been discussing cold calling. In "TEN Steps to a Perfect Cold Call" we looked at the psychology of effective cold calling. In "5 Avoidable Cold Call Mistakes" and "5 More Avoidable Cold Call Mistakes" we heard painful examples of cold-calls gone wrong. It's now past time to look at scripting -- which is what you actually say, and for this, I'm going to turn to the grand master of sales technique, Brian Tracy. Here's a video where he provides the basic tried-and-true technique.

I really like this video. My only reservation is that the kind of script that Brian is recommending has been used so many times, there's a danger it might annoy as often as it works. Even so, it's a basic technique and is probably worth mastering, IMHO. Later on, you may find that something a bit more personalized might work for you.

READERS: Does your cold calling script (assuming you have one) follow Brian's model? Or do you have something really original to share with us?

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