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Video: How Ethics Accelerates Sales

Many buyers (and even some sales reps) buy into the notion that business ethics and making quota are mutually exclusive. This video explains why good business ethics actually increase sales velocity and decrease sales costs. The reason: buyers can sense if your actions are at odds with your principles, which slows or kills the sales. Behold:

Hey, I'm curious about how many of you operate from a position of congruence with your ethical principles. Here's a poll (answer honestly...nobody is looking over your shoulder...).

SCENARIO: You've got prospect with plenty of money. The prospect is convinced that he needs your product, but you're certain it simply will not work in their environment. The prospect has made it clear that if you don't sell him your product, he will buy an comparable one from a competitor. You're short on your quota for the quarter and this is the only real opportunity you've got going. Here's the poll: