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Video: First Ads for iPad 2 Stay Within the Apple Playbook

Apple's (AAPL) first advertising videos for the iPad 2 suggest that the company will not be radically branching into new creative territory to market the redesigned tablet. While the company has not yet unveiled a new TV commercial for the March 11 launch date, it has put up two presentation videos on its iPad web site.

The first is a discussion of the design and specs of the new product. As ever, the device is the star and its audience -- in this case Apple svp/design Jony Ive and vp/product marketing Michael Thchao -- exist only in a blank, white universe of the kind movies once used indicate the afterlife:

The second video demonstrates the iPad's new Smart Cover, a magnetically detachable, hinged slipcover that doubles as a screen stand. It's clever:

According to 9to5Mac, Apple actually shot a commercial for the iPad 2 in New York back in October 2010, using fashion photographer David Sims as the director. Oddly, the iPads used in the shoot were the old ones which will be swapped out for the iPad 2 in post production.

Fans aren't waiting to see the new spots, they're making their own instead. Here's a collection of fake iPad 2 ads making the rounds on YouTube:

Interestingly, Apple appears to have removed its old iPad advertising from its YouTube channel.


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