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Verizon CEO Learns About Phone Security First Hand

I came across this via InformationWeek: decided to pull a prank on Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and teach a lesson about wireless security at the same time. The lesson was that there is virtually no security for wireless handsets, largely because of the carriers themselves. Phone records are apparently so easily available that even Seidenberg's mobile number and somewhat more permanent address were available after a free three-minute search. So Zug's Jon Hargrave drove over to the home, set up across the street with a megaphone, and began blasting his concerns over privacy, including asking "Can you hear me now?" when Seidenberg failed to show.

Eventually a neighbor did and the prank ended. But it shows just how embarrassing it can be for a company and its CEO when significant user concerns go unattended. Will Hargrave show up on your door one day?

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