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Vanity Male

"Vanity, thy name is. . .man"?

Not long ago, the word "woman" completed that hackneyed quote. And not long ago, it was primarily women who were subjected to the full brunt of beauty scrutiny.

But equal rights works both ways. Today, men find themselves under more pressure to look good in addition to meeting the traditional demands of using their brains and making money.

The result: men, too, now buy beauty aids and undergo plastic surgery. And for some guys, only the absence of a bed keeps the gym from being a true second home.

This week, as CBS This Morning rolls out its series, "Beautiful Men," presents these related features.


The Cosmo Guy
Articles focusing on the betterment of body, hair, sex, and relationships used to be the domain of women's magazines. Not any more. CBS This Morning reports.

Cover To Cover
While it's true that guys' magazines such as Men's Health are tackling the same issues as Cosmopolitan, they're still going about it in a manly way. We do a comparison.

Nip And Tuck
Cosmetic surgery isn't for sissies. This Morning looks at what men are having done and why.

Washboard Abs In Just One Session!
Liposculpture, a new form of liposuction, can simulate "washboard abs" out of mere fat. We talk to satisfied customers.

Truly Spectacularly Beautiful Men
Anyone notice how suddenly, we seem to know the names of male models? This Morning meets a few of the hottest ones.

Mirror Image
All this talk of beautiful men is giving guys a complex. Suddenly, men are battling the self-esteem demons that have haunted women. Information Please reports.

He Just Went To Freshen Up
Suddenly, guys are spending money on hair color kits, moisturizers – even make-up! And then there are the facials and manicures. This Morning reports.

Real Men Don't Gussy UpNot all men are buying into the new male narcissism. This Morning meets some holdouts: the beer guzzling, Cheese Doodle-devoted, steak-eating, torn-t-shirted guys. Poll: Should Real Men Gussy Up?Should men pay as much attention to their appearance as women? You tell us.

Produced by Rob Medich.
Graphics by Yevgeny Simkin.

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