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Vacancy "Innovation Manager" Do You Have What It Takes?

I just got headhunted for a role as an Innovation Manager at a large multinational --- it got me thinking: what are the core skills to manage innovation in a large team? I thought I'd put together a job description.


  • The position is built around a team of unconventional people who find and fund exciting concepts through an early-stage development process
  • Need to navigate through a land for which there is not yet a map (requires curiosity to pursue the interesting without getting distracted by the unimportant)
  • Must establish productive plans for novel ideas --- need to be comfortable with ambiguity and thrive on change
  • Must create new technology opportunities, new directions for the enterprise, and positive futures for people all around us
Key Accountabilities:
  • Recognise and stimulate unusual ideas with high potential impact
  • Use personal networks to link ideas and people that might not otherwise interact
  • Apply unique skills and interests to develop new opportunity domains
  • Ask tough and insightful questions
  • Provide constructive coaching and advice to projects
  • Drive projects through to completion
  • Proven experience in the ability to understand wide-ranging, out-of-the-ordinary, technical and business proposals in depth
  • Experience in organising and facilitating brainstorming workshops to bring new ideas to fruition
  • Experience in working on novel projects and proven ability to bring ideas from conception to completion
  • Experience in showing commercial sense, contract structuring and negotiation, and business strategy development
  • Proven experience in helping other people turn their ideas into reality; work with multiple fluid team structures which requires trust and integrity
What do you think? Would you qualify?

What could you do to build you skills to be able to apply for a job like this is in 10 years?

Share your thoughts, ideas, questions --- comments below.

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