Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell on election results: "We're disappointed"


(CBS News) Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell governs one of the swing states that helped decide the 2012 presidential election in President Obama's favor. McDonnell joined "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday to touch on the implications of Tuesday's election results for the Republican party.

"Obviously we're disappointed," McDonnell said of Romney's loss in his state, but later added, "I would note that in Virginia, we won eight of the 11 Congressional seats for the Republican team." 

The governor also cited "historic" voter turnout numbers in Virginia, describing long lines to vote up to two hours after the polls closed and 75 to 80 percent voter turnout in certain districts. 

Still, McDonnell admitted that the Republicans "just didn't do a very good job" of appealing to women and minority voters despite his belief that his party has "a very good message for people of all stripes." 

"We have work to do to refine our message," he said, looking to the future for the Republican party. 

McDonnell also applauded President Obama's campaign team for their "tremendous effort on the ground to get out favorable voters ... you have to hand it to him," he said.