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Useful mobile apps for saving energy and money

Did you know you can recycle cooking oil?
Mobile apps to go green and save some green 01:18

It doesn't take much to take small steps toward conservation. And sometimes, the tools we need are in the palm of our hands. We've rounded up some apps to help you go green, and save some green.

An app called iRecycle is a beautiful app that helps you find where to recycle anything under the sun.

Select items you want to get rid of, like antifreeze or car batteries, old cell phones or computers -- even hair dye and cooking oil can be recycled. The app will show a list of the closest recycling centers, with maps, phone numbers and website. The app is free at Apple's App Store and Google Play.

WattBuddy also lets you track your energy usage by connecting to your utility company. You can also take a photo of your meter to get a reading. A cool graph lets you see how your energy usage fluctuates. If you're luck, the app will even show you energy deals in your area. The app is free at Apple's App Store.

Did you know that energy rates change everyday? An app called Toupe pulls data from your utility company and breaks down the price of electricity each day of the week. It's pretty specific, but it could help when scheduling laundry day. The app is free at Apple's App Store.

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