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Use Your BlackBerry to Schedule TiVo Recordings

You just plopped down in seat 22B when suddenly you realize, "Oh, no! I forgot to record Modern Family!" (Funniest new show of the year, bar none.)

No worries: Just pull out your BlackBerry, fire up the new TiVo for BlackBerry app, and program your TiVo. Right there. On the airplane. Even the iPhone can't do that!

(Well, technically, it can, thanks to third-party apps like i.TV. But there's no official app yet.)

Here's a rundown of what you can do with TiVo for BlackBerry:

  • Program what you like to watch from virtually anywhere
  • Browse quickly with an easy-to-navigate menu with a familiar TiVo look and feel
  • Scroll through your channels listings directly from your smartphone
  • Search for what you want to watch by title, keyword & actor
I have to say, I don't own a BlackBerry or a TiVo, but I'm still insanely jealous. (I want a Windows Media Center interface for my iPhone!)

Amazingly, the app is free. You can get it via your BlackBerry browser or App World. [via Gizmodo]