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Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Generate Buzz About Your Business

word-of-mouth.jpgEver wish you could attract new customers without spending a penny on advertising? You can, provided you leverage word-of-mouth marketing. Specifically, by maintaining an active and useful blog, you can generate goodwill among existing customers and land new ones. So says Marketing Pilgrim blogger Janet Meiners, who outlines numerous steps you can take to generate word-of-mouth marketing. For example:

How to Come up with Good Ideas: Ask That means asking your customers: on blogs, suggestion boards, by email, on forums, etc. Ask what you can do to help them feel appreciated.

Accuquote asked their life insurance customers what they could do to keep them happy. Customers responded saying they wanted a phone call once a year to review their coverage. They felt like they were forgotten about and that they were paying for something that seemed like a black hole. The company assumed people wouldn't want to be contacted but they did. When the company responded they got another bonus â€" people often wanted to upgrade their policies. That's what they learned by asking.

What's your preferred method for generating word of mouth? Hit the Comments and share your success stories! Photo by Zela.
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