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Use Social Networks to Build Your Business

logos.jpgIf you don't know LinkedIn from link sausage and think MySpace has something to do with closets, then you're missing out on golden opportunities to build and market your business. So says's Michael Fitzgerald, who explains how you can leverage six social-networking sites to find professionals, market to the Gen-Y crowd, give your sales team a boost, and more. For example, want feedback from customers? Try Yelp:

What it is: An online service that lets users rate and comment on local businesses. You can see what your customers think about you and engage with them.

What's cool: Yelp can help entrepreneurs move their real-world buzz to the Web by capturing it in writing. The feedback provided by reviews and ratings can be invaluable -- and it's cheaper than running a survey. Business owners can engage customers directly. Yelp also offers a sponsorship program in which companies can pay for increased prominence in searches.

This is required reading for anyone starting a new business, looking to grow an old one, or feeling confused about all this social-networking stuff. What site(s) would you add to this list? Hit the Comments and let us know.
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