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Use Hotkeys to Make Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Symbols in Word

Looking for an easy way to enter common symbols like copyright and trademark? They're easy enough to find in Word's Symbol dialog box, but if you use them frequently enough, it's handy to know the keyboard shortcuts.

First, a refresher: If you are looking for them in Word 2007, click the Insert tab and then click Symbol. Copyright is probably waiting for you in the short list, but click More Symbols for the whole enchilada.

But here's how to get these symbols without taking your hands off the keyboard:

To get the copyright symbol, type Ctrl+Alt+C. Or you can type (c) and Word will automatically convert it to the symbol.

To get the trademark symbol, type Ctrl+Alt+T. Alternatively, type (tm) and Word will automatically convert it.

To get the registered symbol, type Ctrl+Alt+R. Or type (r) and Word will do the rest. [via Makeuseof]