Use Google to Search for Documents

Last Updated Feb 25, 2008 9:26 AM EST

Google searches can produce more than just Web links. Suppose, for instance, you're looking for documents related to sales, marketing, SEO, or the like. Techtracer shows you how to take advantage of Google's "filetype" search parameter, complete with clickable examples:
Let's say I want to implement a case study on SOA, which means I have to read a lot of information for SOA. So I just have to find materials that might have already been uploaded on the Web in the form of PDFs, DOCs or PPTs. These materials can be easily obtained by doing a search for:
It's worth noting that the author also lists 9 other search tips, including Google Scholar searches, word definitions, currency conversions, and so on. We've covered much of this material before (see How to Search Google Like an Expert), but you might glean a few new tips from this post. Don't forget to share your own Google search tips in the Comments.
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