U.S. soldier home from Kuwait surprises father-in-law

(CBS News) For those who somehow managed to hold out from shedding tears over the last post, which seems almost impossible to this blogger, we've got another tear-jerker of joy post for you. Watch in the above video how a man reacts to his son-in-law returning from Kuwait.

The heart-warming video was posted by the Welcome Home Blog (which has been featured here many times) who writes about the caught-on-tape moment:

This is a video of my husband surprising my father when he came home for an unexpected R&R leave. No one knew he was coming in. My big, tough Daddy turns into a big ole' softy when it comes to his kids, and he is so proud of his son-in-law. As you can see, he is on a business call and walks right by my husband when he comes in. I love his reaction! -Cari S.

I... sniffle... can't stop chopping onions today. Thank you so much to Cari S. for sharing this wonderful moment with all of us and we here at The Feed wish you and your family all the best!  To see more wonderful stories like this, you can go to The Welcome Home Blog by clicking here.