U.S. mortgage deal: What it is, who may benefit?

Foreclosure Yard Sign
Foreclosure Yard Sign

Government officials are close to a deal with America's five biggest banks -- Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Ally Financial and Wells Fargo -- over mortgage and foreclosure practices.

Those banks could be giving state governments $25 billion, which could be distributed to help homeowners who have faced foreclosure or are facing foreclosure. In exchange for the payout, the banks will get a green light to proceed with business -- they're not going to get sued in the future for deceptive practices that they may or may not have implemented in the foreclosure process.

Some of the claims of deceptive practices include robo-signings, Rebecca Jarvis explained on "CBS This Morning."

"People (claim they were) getting pushed through the foreclosure process without the banks actually paying attention to the details because there was such a huge volume of foreclosures that came through the pipelines. The banks couldn't handle them, so they just signed off. People lost their homes as a result. That's the claim."

To find out who could qualify, click on the video above for Rebecca Jarvis' full report.