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Update Twitter and Facebook with a Phone Call

If you're using Facebook and/or Twitter as part of your marketing efforts (and you should be), you've probably wished for a fast, easy, hands-free way to update your status -- like when you're driving.

JawBite lets you update your status with only a phone call. It reminds me a lot of Dial2Do and Jott, but with the single-minded purpose of transcribing your voice for Facebook and Twitter. (It also attaches a recording of your voice.)

After signing up for an account, just pair it with one or both services. Then dial a special number from any phone, anywhere. Speak when prompted, then hang up, and you're done!

In my quick and informal tests, JawBite processed my phoned-in updates in just a few minutes, and the transcription was letter-perfect. (I'm not sure if it's human- or computer-powered.)

In short, the service works as advertised -- and it's free!

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