Untold Stories For The Week Of Feb. 22

All the business in Baghdad took up so much time that we never got to tell you some interesting little stories.

Tenant Rented To Death
There's the one about a Honduran undertaker who was several months behind in his rent and facing eviction. He and his workers staged a mock funeral to keep court officers at bay. It did for awhile. But then they got suspicious and ordered the coffin opened. It was empty, and the undertaker was evicted.

Russia's Very Old Guard
It was Red Army Day in Russia, and a few thousand people marched to the old KGB building in Moscow with red flags and banners. They were mostly elderly communists nostalgic for the "good old days."

Dancing Around Bad Etiquette
And speaking of values. . .if you want to take dancing lessons at the prestigious Elmayer Dancing School in Vienna, you'd best learn their rules of etiquette. For one thing, it's impolite to let your cell phone ring during class, and never ever chew gum.

Bad Drivers Get Religion
A Malaysian bus company is trying to improve a bad, accident-prone image. It's telling all 745 drivers to attend periodic classes in religion to improve their values.

Geriatric Bar Mitzvah
World War I was going on when Harvey Penson turned 13, so he never got his Bar Mitzvah. So the geriatric center where he now lives figured it was about time he got to celebrate the event. It happened in Philadelphia. Relatives say he was never particularly religious, until his wife of 63 years died a few months ago. So, on his 93rd birthday, he was Bar Mitzvahed at the center's chapel. Then he did a little dance for well wishers, and told them to have fun and eat.

Paying For Cheap Goods
Then there's the survey that the Hong Kong Tourist Association wishes it hadn't paid for: a look at the cheapest places to buy luxury goods. In this first survey since China took over, Hong Kong is no longer at the top of the list. Bangkok and Taipei take top honors. For example, a Rolex watch that costs $4,200 in Hong Kong goes for $3,400 in Taipei. Of course, if you buy it in New York, it'll set you back more than $6,100.

Genie In Your Beer Can
If you like sitting around talking to your beer, consider moving to Venezuela. The beer there talks back. It's a new promotion by Brahma Beer. Two thousand cans contain a light activated recording. Pop the top and your beer announces, in a somewhat tinny voice, that you've won a prize, between $50 and $2,000.

Written by CBS News Correspondent David Jackson. ©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved