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Unlock the Power of the Windows Key

Is your Windows key a little square slacker? Put your keyboard's most underrated key to work with this handy collection of Windows key shortcuts.

Windows Toggles the Start Menu

Windows+B Selects the first icon in the System Tray

Windows+D Show Desktop

Windows+E Open My Computer

Windows+F Open Search

Windows+L Locks the computer

Windows+M Minimizes all windows

Windows+R Open Run

Windows+U Open Ease of Access

Windows+X Open Windows Mobility Center on Vista laptops

Windows+F1 Opens Windows Help no matter what program has focus

New Windows 7 shortcuts

Windows+P Open Projection controls

Windows+Arrow Snaps window to the right or left side of the screen, or maximizes on Up Arrow

Windows+Home Minimizes all but the active window

Windows+Space Temporary "peek" through transparent windows

Windows+(+/-) Turn on the magnifier and zoom in/out

Need more keyboard productivity? Rick recently described some common Windows key combos and new Windows 7 variations. And because I'm in an extra generous mood today, here are some free keyboard shortcut crib sheets in PDF format which you can download and pin up near your keyboard. Sounds like just the way to spend a hot and lazy Friday afternoon.

Photo by zoovroo.

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