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Unabomber: Lonely, Frustrated

New information obtained by CBS News reveals that the Unabomber was lonely and frustrated over his failure to have a relationship with a woman and that may have set him on the path to murder.

In 1966, while a graduate student at the University of Michigan, convicted Unabomber Ted Kaczynski even went to a campus psychiatrist to discuss a sex change operation.

But then, too ashamed to talk of his confused sex life, he left the meeting and recorded his humiliation in his diary: "Why not really kill that psychiatrist and anyone else whom I hate."

He described that experience as a turning point.

Psychiatrist Robert Daroff says the sex change incident may have left Kaczynski thinking his life was hopeless.

Kaczynski the cold-blooded killer was desperate for companionship. Of one woman he writes: "It would have been more important to me to have her care for me than to have physical sex. I could get by with just holding her hand..."

As late as 1991 Kaczynski believed he could establish a relationship with a woman if he found a steady job. To that end, he applied to study journalism at the University of Montana. He scored well on tests but never started the classes that could have turned this prolific writer into a reporter.

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