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U.K. Couple Shares Royal Wedding Date

It's the royal wedding no one wants to miss -- and few will.

Four billion people are expected to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton say their "I do's" on April 29.

The weather in England that time of year is typically mild -- making April 29 a perfect choice for a spring wedding date.

Darrel Sabin and Vicki Moss should know: They chose the exact same one for their wedding, never guessing that they would end up sharing the big day with England's future king and queen.

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While William and Kate are making their way from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, Sabin and Moss will be celebrating three-and-a-half hours north, at the historic Peckforton Castle, in Cheshire.

There won't be a royal procession or heads of state on hand, but for the 60 guests celebrating with them, it will be an event to remember.

Are they disappointed their date is the same as that of the royal wedding?

On "The Early Show," Moss said the couple wasn't upset when they learned about it.

Moss said, "I was actually just coming out of choosing which cake I was having for the day, when my mom phoned me and told me the news. ... I thought it was really good. Just made it more exciting. And my mom was really pleased."

The couple chose the date because it was five days after Sabin's birthday.
"It was just -- well, it was five days after my birthday," Sabin said. "We were actually going to go to the weekend before that but we changed it last-minute and decided to go to the 29. So just luck of the draw, really."
The day, Moss said, is now more special and memorable because of the royal wedding.

"We were actually pleased that we'd chosen that date," Moss said.

"Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill asked the couple, "So you're going to have a nice, intimate ceremony as i understand it, about 60 people will be there to celebrate with you. ... Have any of them asked you put up an extra TV so they can watch the other wedding that day?"

Moss said, "No. We've had nobody request that at the moment. But maybe nearer the time, somebody might ask for that. And there will be a screen at the castle, so people can go in another room and watch for five minutes if they want to."

Hill also asked the couple if they've gotten any freebies because of their wedding date.

Sabin joked, "No, not at all. We're still waiting for the letter from the queen. I'm sure that will come through in the next couple of months, saying she'll foot the bill. That would be great."

When asked if the queen could perhaps send a gift, Moss replied, "I hope so."

Moss said she has most of the planning done for her wedding.

Hill said, "Excellent. So now you can enjoy this time as you lead up to your special day. And maybe, since you're all done, maybe you could share some tips with Kate and Wills, since they may have a little more planning to do."
Moss offered, "Yes. If she needs anything, just let me know."